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I can leave my computer on and do it.

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C language learned by suffering
C language learned by suffering

Use of bitter C

Renewal (2021)
The site was renewed for the second time.
This time, the concept is as follows

Renewal Concept
The C language is based on the C language, which is learned in pain, but is used as a portal site for your own products.
Modern web design
・Better smartphone support

I've built a variety of apps and websites as an individual.
We felt the need to reorganize it as a portal site.
So, while focusing on the most famous of my products, "bitter C
We have reorganized everything from scratch as the "MMGames Portal Site.

In addition, the slightly old design that remained from the previous renewal has been wiped out and replaced with a modern design.
Perhaps the most noticeable difference at first glance is that the background color has changed from light brown to white.
When cathode-ray tubes were the mainstream, a light brown background color was chosen because a white background would be too glaring.
However, we have now completely moved to LCDs and no longer need to worry about glare.

In addition, we assumed full smartphone compatibility in this case.
Previously, everything was handled manually, which left some unnatural areas.
This time, we have adopted Bootstrap 5, and the latest framework provides smart smartphone support.

The background of this renewal is the current situation where web design is becoming almost unified.
At the time of the last renewal, we wanted to retain some individuality in the design.
The design was left with a light brown background and other decorative elements.

However, many sites now use a simple and standardized layout, and
Despite the fact that design differences have almost disappeared, the
Many sites are now sufficiently differentiated only by accent elements such as logos and main colors.
If so, we decided that it would be natural for our site to follow this trend.

The design has been renewed, but the main text is the same as it was at that time.
This is because there has not been much movement in the C language, and the content of those days is still valid enough for beginners.

This site is unique in that, although it is targeted at beginning programming students, it is not
Many pages are devoted to explaining the essential nature of computers themselves.
Although it's an introduction, adding to character codes and exchanging pointers for arrays and
This is not only the essence of the C language, but also the essence of computers, and it has not changed over the decades.
That may not be the case once quantum computers are put to practical use...

The circumstances surrounding computers and programming continue to accelerate.
Today, everyone carries a small computer with amazing performance as a smartphone.
Deep learning has even made it possible to determine what is in a photograph.
All of these are advancing at a pace that exceeds my expectations by 20 years, which is truly remarkable.

But still, the very nature of computers, and programming, is
It is still based solely on simple calculations and simple conditional decisions.
We hope that this site will always be a site that conveys this essence to beginning programmers.

2021 MMGames/Masanori Moriguchi

Generation Tools
We have also updated the generation tools we use internally.

Previously, we created and used our own tool to generate HTML from markdown
Because we were too focused on markdown, we were losing some of the expressive power.

This time, while still using HTML as a base, we decided to use the
I created my own tool that can apply templates in an instant.
Because it is HTML-based, everything can be written in HTML if necessary, dramatically improving expressiveness.

Renewal (2017)
With the rise of smartphones and the evolution of browsers, the web environment has changed dramatically since its creation.
The bitter C also underwent a redesign to match.

The previous design was still dominated by CRT displays and
Especially when accessed from within the company, the display provided is a cheap CRT.
The design was intended to achieve a certain degree of legibility on such displays.
Such displays are very glaring when the background is white.

Today, however, almost all displays are LCDs.
Therefore, we decided to keep the design as simple as possible, eliminating unnecessary decoration, which is mainstream for text-based sites.

We also emphasize readability on smartphones.
The previous design did not balance font size on a smartphone.
At first glance, it had a tinny look, so we have made sure it is displayed correctly.

Supported browsers are IE11 and above.

The ability to change coloring and fonts has been omitted.
With current browsers, user style sheets or your own font specifications may cause
We have decided that this is unnecessary, since such things can be achieved by the user.

The page navigation menu that appears in the upper right corner has also been omitted.
Today, even budget mice have scroll wheels that work smoothly and
Vertical scrolling has become a very easy operation and was deemed unnecessary.

In renewing the
To display Japanese fonts as legibly as possible on Windows, and
We focused on reducing the file size as much as possible in anticipation of access from smartphones.
It would have been better if we could have applied Japanese web fonts without JavaScript, using only CSS, and limited to Windows... *.

Not that it matters much to our readers.
We used to convert text written in our own markup language to HTML with our own converter.
We have converted our own markup language to Markdown, which is then converted to HTML with our own converter.
I tried so-called static site generators, but they tend to make HTML look over-the-top and wasteful...

The source code is color-coded as shown below.

source code
 #include <stdio.h>

static int i = 1;

int main(void)
/* Program with no particular meaning */
if (i == 1) printf("%d\n",sizeof(i));

The results of the execution are displayed as shown below.

Execution Result

Other keywords that may be considered important are

C language

In a word, structural assembler?

It is displayed in this way. Also, a small point to make is that

one-point (e.g. question)
Most of the pages on this site have a mini-menu in the upper right corner.
You can navigate easily without scrolling down the page.

It is displayed in this way. Miscellaneous stories and other columns are

Column Example
The C programming language was invented by a man named Dennis Ritchie.
It is a programming language created by improving B language.

It is displayed in this way.

The browser used and the C compiler introduced assume Windows, but
Browsers and compilers with similar functionality can be used on non-Windows operating systems.

About this Site

The C language (bitter C), which is learned by suffering, is
This is the definitive C language introductory site.
It systematically explains the basic functions of the C language and
It is as complete as or more complete than any book on the market.

Part 0: Program Overview
  1. What is the program?
Chapter 2: How to write a program
  1. Writing Rules
  2. Writing conventions
  3. Exercise 2
Chapter 3: Display on Screen
  1. String display
  2. newline character
  3. Exercise 3
Chapter 4: Numeric Display and Calculation
  1. Numeric Display
  2. Basic Calculations
  3. Type of value
  4. Exercise 4
Chapter 5: Numerical Memory and Calculation
  1. Memorize values
  2. Variable Type
  3. Type conversion
  4. Numeric justification
  5. Exercise 5
Chapter 6: Input from the keyboard
  1. Functions for input
  2. Fear of Input
  3. Exercise 6
Chapter 9: Repetition with a fixed number of times
  1. Sentences that repeat themselves
  2. Loop Operation Mechanism
  3. Exercise 9
Chapter 10: Unknown number of repetitions
  1. Loop of unknown frequency
  2. input check
  3. Exercise 10
Chapter 13: Handling Multiple Variables at Once
  1. Multiple variables are handled together.
  2. How to use arrays
  3. Exercise 13
Chapter 19: Dynamic Arrays
  1. Create arrays at will
  2. Exercise 19
Chapter 20: Multiple Source Files
  1. Minimal division
  2. The Stone of Partition
  3. Exercise 20


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