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C Language Execution Environment in a Browser
Introduction of

I want to start using C more easily.
I want to start using C on my smartphone, tablet, or Mac easily.
In response to these voices, we have prepared a browser version of the C language development environment!
You can start programming in C right now from your browser.

Running in the Browser

C Language Learning Environment

one-shot installation

The file size is only 3 MB, and that's all you need: an editor, a compiler, an execution environment, and everything you need to learn programming. No lengthy downloads, no complicated setup, no plug-ins to install, no nothing. You can start programming right now!

Automated Projects

All you have to do is type in the program! Once launched, the project is automatically created and automatically recognizes multiple source files. The editor automatically manages troublesome settings related to builds. You can concentrate on programming.

Japanese Error Messages

Error messages are available in Japanese! If there is a mistake in the program, this application will tell you in Japanese. Even if you are learning alone, you can proceed on your own while exploring the program by yourself.

Real C compiler

Tiny C Compiler is used as the compiler.
It is a real compiler that supports all features of the C language and outputs native code. We have also made our own modifications to support the Japanese language.

Lightweight operation

The editor is developed natively on Windows.
The natural operability and lightness of the application are completely comfortable as a Windows application.

Color display support

Azuki is used as the code editor.
It is a text input function with extensive experience and runs very lightly. Of course, it supports color display, automatic indentation, and other functions essential for programming.

If you are in the process of reading the C language you are learning in pain and would like to move on for now, click here.
If you want to start learning programming immediately, click here.

Update History

Version Date Change Description
Ver 0.1.13 Sep. 14, 2021 Fix Tiny C Compiler to build with runtime included
Ver Sep. 14, 2021 Modified Tiny C Compiler to support Japanese folder names.
Most of the error messages in Tiny C Compiler are now Japanese.
Displayed error message when source code contains no JIS characters.
Simplified add file menu
Changed application icon
Ver Sep. 14, 2021 Changed the default installation directory because it sometimes fails to compile when the user name is in Japanese.
Warning is now displayed when placing in directories containing Japanese characters.
Ver Sep. 14, 2021 Replaced TinyCC with 0.9.27
Replaced Azuki with 1.7.13
NET Framework version 4
Removed browser tabs that were no longer working on the latest version of Windows
Removed the ability to send email, which was no longer working.
Removed other functions that were no longer working properly.
Open project folder in Explorer is implemented.
Ver June 24, 2011 Changed Tiny C Compiler from MinGW build to VC2010 build (to prevent false virus detection)
Removed sample code for WindowsAPI calls (to prevent false virus detection)
Updated Azuki to Azuki 1.6.2
Several bug fixes
Ver July 11, 2010 Updated Azuki to the latest version
Ver June 14, 2010 Enhanced project management functions
Implementation of tool window
Implementation of simplified help for standard library functions
Simple browser implementation
Sample projects for Windows GUI programs
Error transmission set to off by default
Ver May 10, 2010 Editor setting changes partially supported
Added menu for wrong program transmission settings
Keyboard shortcut support
Ver May 10, 2010 Automatic version upgrade support
Translation of error messages in progress


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