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C language learned by suffering
C language learned by suffering

Exercise 5

fundamental knowledge

What do you call naming a memory that stores numerical values?

Q 1-2
What do you call storing a number in the above location?

What do you call increasing the value of the above location by 1?

program read-only
How would the following program appear when executed?

 #include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    int x, y;

    x = 10;
    y = x * 10 + 20;
    printf("%5d\n", y);

    return 0;

program writing

Buy one soft drink for 198 yen per bottle and two bottles of milk for 138 yen per bottle.
Find the change if the customer pays with a 1,000 yen bill.
However, add 5% consumption tax and the amount of change should be an integer.
You may or may not round off the consumption tax.

descriptive expression

3.14 * 12, and the computation by real numbers and integers, the answer is treated as a real number, briefly explain why.

Basic Knowledge (sample answers)

Solution 1-1
Variable Declaration

*The variable alone is correct.

Solution 1-2

Solution 1-3

Program reading (example solution)

Solution 2-1

*%5d designation, so there will be a two-digit space in the front part.
Program writing (example of solution)

Solution 3-1
 #include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    int juice, milk, money, payment, change;
    double tax;

    Juice = 198;
    milk = 138;
    money = 1000;
    tax = 1.05;

    payment = (int)((juice + milk * 2) * tax);
    change = money - payment;

    printf("%d yen\n", change);

    return 0;

Solution 2-1
503 yen

It is possible to solve without using *variables, but it is easier to change them later if they are used.
*Points shall be deducted if the cast conversion is forgotten.
*Points will also be deducted if the answer is a real number.
*Answers differ slightly depending on the calculation method.
Short Answer Type (Sample Answer)

Solution 4-1
To prevent decimal places from being truncated.

About this Site

The C language (bitter C), which is learned by suffering, is
This is the definitive C language introductory site.
It systematically explains the basic functions of the C language and
It is as complete as or more complete than any book on the market.

Part 0: Program Overview
  1. What is the program?
Chapter 2: How to write a program
  1. Writing Rules
  2. Writing conventions
  3. Exercise 2
Chapter 3: Display on Screen
  1. String display
  2. newline character
  3. Exercise 3
Chapter 4: Numeric Display and Calculation
  1. Numeric Display
  2. Basic Calculations
  3. Type of value
  4. Exercise 4
Chapter 5: Numerical Memory and Calculation
  1. Memorize values
  2. Variable Type
  3. Type conversion
  4. Numeric justification
  5. Exercise 5
Chapter 6: Input from the keyboard
  1. Functions for input
  2. Fear of Input
  3. Exercise 6
Chapter 9: Repetition with a fixed number of times
  1. Sentences that repeat themselves
  2. Loop Operation Mechanism
  3. Exercise 9
Chapter 10: Unknown number of repetitions
  1. Loop of unknown frequency
  2. input check
  3. Exercise 10
Chapter 13: Handling Multiple Variables at Once
  1. Multiple variables are handled together.
  2. How to use arrays
  3. Exercise 13
Chapter 19: Dynamic Arrays
  1. Create arrays at will
  2. Exercise 19
Chapter 20: Multiple Source Files
  1. Minimal division
  2. The Stone of Partition
  3. Exercise 20


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