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C language learned by suffering
C language learned by suffering

Exercise 4

fundamental knowledge

What do you call a string enclosed in ""?

Q 1-2
Instead of the x symbol in math, which symbol is used in C?

Instead of the ÷ symbol in mathematics, which symbol is used in C?

What is the system called in C to represent real numbers?

program read-only
How would the following program appear when executed?

 #include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    printf("%d\n", 20 / 7);
    printf("%f\n", 20.0 / 7.0);
    return 0;

program writing

Create a program that calculates 40 divided by 13 and displays the formula, quotient and remainder.

descriptive expression

In C, if you divide by an integer, the
If the result is not divisible, the result is truncated, but
Briefly explain why.

Basic Knowledge (sample answers)

Solution 1-1
string literal

Solution 1-2

*Read as asterisk.

Solution 1-3

*Read as slash.

Solution 1-4
floating point representation

Program reading (example solution)

Solution 2-1

*Note that integer divisors are rounded down, not rounded up.
*Answers to real numbers should be correct to about two decimal places.
Program writing (example of solution)

Solution 3-1
 #include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    printf("%d / %d = %d ... %d\n", 40, 13, 40 / 13, 40 % 13);
    return 0;

*The correct answer is correct even if the symbols for divide and remainder are different.
*Expressions shown as strings are also correct, but the conversion specifier (%d) should be used.
*If no calculation is performed and the answer is a string, it is a wrong answer.
Short Answer Type (Sample Answer)

Solution 4-1
Rounding off the quotient, when you do the reverse calculation, quotient times the number to be divided, you get
A discrepancy arises where the result is greater than the original number to be divided.
Therefore, it is better to truncate because it reduces the inconsistency and the calculation error

About this Site

The C language (bitter C), which is learned by suffering, is
This is the definitive C language introductory site.
It systematically explains the basic functions of the C language and
It is as complete as or more complete than any book on the market.

Part 0: Program Overview
  1. What is the program?
Chapter 2: How to write a program
  1. Writing Rules
  2. Writing conventions
  3. Exercise 2
Chapter 3: Display on Screen
  1. String display
  2. newline character
  3. Exercise 3
Chapter 4: Numeric Display and Calculation
  1. Numeric Display
  2. Basic Calculations
  3. Type of value
  4. Exercise 4
Chapter 5: Numerical Memory and Calculation
  1. Memorize values
  2. Variable Type
  3. Type conversion
  4. Numeric justification
  5. Exercise 5
Chapter 6: Input from the keyboard
  1. Functions for input
  2. Fear of Input
  3. Exercise 6
Chapter 9: Repetition with a fixed number of times
  1. Sentences that repeat themselves
  2. Loop Operation Mechanism
  3. Exercise 9
Chapter 10: Unknown number of repetitions
  1. Loop of unknown frequency
  2. input check
  3. Exercise 10
Chapter 13: Handling Multiple Variables at Once
  1. Multiple variables are handled together.
  2. How to use arrays
  3. Exercise 13
Chapter 19: Dynamic Arrays
  1. Create arrays at will
  2. Exercise 19
Chapter 20: Multiple Source Files
  1. Minimal division
  2. The Stone of Partition
  3. Exercise 20


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